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Zhong Taoqing, Employee of the Month - Apr., 2018

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zhong taoqing

Zhong Taoqing

Worked in QC Department


A pregnant with beauty and talent girl who loves to laugh, she is Zhong Taoqing.



Editor: First of all, congratulations on being named the best employee in April. Can you talk about your feelings?

Ms. Zhong: I was surprised to receive this honor, because after all, there are so many excellent people in the company. I didn't expect it to be the best employee of the company in April. To be honest, I am very happy. Thanks for the company's recognition and support for my work.


Editor: Can you talk about the recent work and situation?

Ms. Zhong: Of course. At present, I am mainly responsible for the IPQC work of injection molding. This work needs to be familiar with the production process of the injection molding workshop. I am familiar with the quality problems of various types of products. In the process of work, I need to effectively control the defects, provide feedback and follow-up improvement. At the same time, it is usually responsible for the training of new employees in the Quality Control Department, and gives my work experience to new employees.


In addition to the routine work in April, I need monitor the production process of injection molding trials requires timely statistics and feedback of data, timely tracking of abnormal conditions, and timely repair of problematic molds. In April, a total of 44 trial evaluations were conducted. The situation of the trials and the status of the samples were evaluated in a timely manner to improve the timeliness of trials. I think this should be a bright spot in my work in April.


Editor: What's your deepest feeling when you joined Fran?

Ms. Zhong: I feel that all aspects in Fran have made advancement. The atmosphere of the company is getting better and better. The personal skill level has also made great progress, such as understanding the quality management system. As well as the operation of some of the company's advanced equipment, I sincerely hope that we will become better and better.


Editor: What are the next personal goals?

Ms. Zhong: This is actually not thinking so much at the moment. I just thought that I would do my job well and learn new knowledge. Then I hope I could be a quality engineer in future.



After the interview, I was very impressed by the girl’s laughter. A girl who loves to laugh, has strong learning ability, and is doing her duty very carefully, hopes that Fran will always hear her laughter.


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