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Zhang Zulin, Employee of the Month - Jul., 2018

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Zhang Zulin

Works as Engineering Personnel in 1st Workshop

Personal Declaration: Keep in mind the mission of Fran: integrity, humanity, innovation, and environmental protection.

With the continuous development of Fran, many departments have emerged with outstanding performance and outstanding performance. Why are they achieving good results? What are their secret weapons?

In this issue, we interviewed Zhang Zulin, an employee who has been relatively stable and outstanding in performance, to listen to his story.

Q: Hello~ Congratulations on getting the employee of July! What is the mood now?

ZU: I am honored to be named the employee of July, thank you for your recognition of me. I believe that in Fran, with my own efforts and the supports of the team, I will take a new step in the future.


Q: How you can do the job well? Share your experience please.

ZU: My daily work is to assist the leader in repairing the abnormalities that occur during the production process.

I think that in daily work, when you encounter difficulties, you should keep a clear head and keep thinking. Find the reason with your colleagues. Learning from each other and continuous improvement to do your job better.


Q: Since work in Fran, what is the most challenging, or most impressive, and most touching thing you have ever encountered?

ZU: It is the long-distance race of the National Day. There are so many colleagues who participate in running, and the constant encouragement of the staff, as well as the company's companionship. Let us finish the game successfully.


Q: Please say something to colleagues in the workshop.

ZU: After a year of study and growth, I think Fran is a good stage. As long as you do it with your heart, you will certainly gain something. I hope that new employees will learn more from their old employees. Through our own efforts, we can quickly complete the work of each day with good quality.


When the interview came to an end, he once again mentioned Fran's corporate culture concept of “integrity, humanity, innovation and environmental protection”. He said that he will always follow Fran's corporate culture and take every step of his life.




                                                      August 15th, 2018

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