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Zhang Yuanxian, Employee of the Month - Jun., 2017

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Zhang Yuanxian

Worked as technologist in Technology Department


Interview Record

He has ever worked in Xiamen for about 7 years and now come to Fuzhou with his wife. Tracking back to the time of interviewing him, he said, “I just wanna to send my resume to Fran but have no idea about result. Actually, working in Fran really makes me excited. Apart from other companies, I believe the future of Fran is promising and I can earn my own career here.”


“Joining in Fran, it is of good environment and welfare! Everyone here struggling for their dreams is simple and we just like a big family. The job is more challenged than the previous ones and mostly depends on my own ability. Moreover, the most happiest and meaningful thing for me here is to get approval from leaders and colleagues. What I learned from Fran for one or two years is more than what from other industries for even five or six years. In Fran, we can have hope and dreams. In here, we also need to get down to our works and I recognize it as my only road to success. Actually, no one wants to be a workaholic, and we just don’t want to be a loser. My fate is hold by myself and my though will decide who I am.”


What Yuanxian said move me deeply and I feel so proud of being a member of Fran.


“With only general technological ability when I just joined Fran, but the lucky thing is my colleagues and manager share their experience with me so patient that I could learn quickly and participate in several GS projects. So I would like hereby to express my gratitude to my partners and manager.”


After interview, I happened to meet Yuanxian’s direct supervisor. As what he described, Yuanxian is a knowledge-lover. Working in Fran for 3 years, he, with brave and working hard, create his blueprint and get approval from all colleagues. He also told us, if we want to win, we need to be persistent and then will know there are still many things having to do, to learn. As time flies, many people will give up, but he said he is very happy because Yuanxian will go together with him and Fran.”



Some pursue benefit in sight, but we follow our dreams. Open eyes, and the world is here. Let’s hand in hand to make more wonderful life!


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