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Zhang Shoucheng, Employee of the Month - Aug, 2017

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Zhang Shoucheng

Worked as Project Engineer in R&D Department

Interview Record:


Colleagues for more than a year, I always thought he was a guy in generation after 90s. He gave us a feeling of young and vibrant, after inviewed, I just know he was after 80s. Always keep a young heart – he is Zhang Shoucheng.


Editor: Before the interview, first of all, congratulations on your monthly star in August!

Mr. Zhang: Actually, I was surprised because I think I did not do well enough! In August, a project involves complex processing: Injection molding, spraying the code, ultrasonic welding, painting and hard coating. Painting processing is the main difficulty. I used my own understanding of the theoretical knowledge of the painting processing and the past experience to guide our paiting line, including preparation of painting line, improving the environment, developing painting technology, etc. I just use my professional skills and experience to normally complete a relatively difficult project only, which is also a project engineer’s job responsibility. I did not expect that my daily routine was so much recognized by the company.  


Editor: What is the most impressive aspect of Fran?

Mr. Zhang: Joined Fran for 2 years, she made me feel warm, like home, comfortable, safe! Fran’s welfare is perfect, including rewards points, holiday expenses, a half-year and year-end bonus, insurance and housing fund, annual tourism and staff physical examination, not only I go to the physical examination every year, but also bring my family and enjoy the annual health physical examination discount. Additionally, Fran has the setsufficient facilities for living and splendid life for employees, like Yoga and Running team.


Editor: Have you ever encountered anything unpleasant thing? What is your release method?

Mr. Zhang: Acutally, for every project engineer, the most pround thing is to help customer design and produce satisfied products. However, occasionally we would face some difficult project or strict requirements for products, and then we need rack our brains to find ways to finish the project. So I joined Fran running team, running ont only helping build health physical body, but also a way to relieve stress. Whenever you meet something unhappy, I will go running, throwing all the negative energy behind my head, keeping the most passinate heart and the best condition in the work when I finish running! 


Editor: What is your following goal?

Mr. Zhang: The goal at work is to try our best to fullfill zero defect products to fullfill the tasks. I will continue to improve our projects management and professional skills and acquire the relevant professinal skills and professinal titles. In life, it is more realistic to support the family and satisfy the substance.


Afterwords: Zhang Shoucheng, 80s like challenges and sports, positive and optimistic about work and life. In Fran, each active person will shine their own light. Fran provides the stage for young men like Zhang Shoucheng. We are willing them to show their talents in Fran.  





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