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Yu Qiuping, Employee of the Month - Jan, 2017

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Yu Qiuping

Procurement Engineer of Purchasing Department


Interview records:

According to legend, the declining emperor of Southern Song Dynasty had fled to Ningde City with his wives. Due to the emergency war, the emperor sailed way by sea, but most concubines were leaved Ningde and then married with the locals. They were all beautiful women with good genes coming from all over the country, so the beauties are prolific here thereafter. Star of this month, Qiuping Yu, also comes from Ningde, who owns refined beauty and an extraordinary temperament with royal style.


My first impression of Qiuping is from the photo taken when she hosted in 2015 annual meeting. The gentle and soft forehead, sunken eye sockets, slightly high cheekbones and expressive eyes together form an sylphlike girl. Colleagues are very fond of her, for not only is she cute and humorous, but also she writes well and has an outstanding eloquence.


You have entered to our company on Jun. 2011, and been awarded as “star of month” on Nov. This is the second time being a “star of month”. What do you think of it?


What are your driving forces enabling you to work hard in Fran?


Fran is a company full of love, which can be seen from the mutual-aid committee. During six-years working in Fran, I have witnessed the whole development process of Fran. I love here so I am willing to work here all the way. I always think that work and study is not a burden. I love my work for I owns the ability to love work, not for the work is interesting. There are some people who can always do whatever work well for the same reason. I hope that Fran can develop better and better and I will always wait here to witness. 


You believed that your greatest strength is learning ability before. How about now?


I think that learning ability is very important and a necessary skill for newcomers when entering the company. The better your learning ability is, the easier you incorporate yourself into the new team. This is what the leader taught me when I entered the company first year. It was my advantage at that time, while staying calm and problem-solving ability are more important for me now.


Having been working for many years, do you have any plan for your future?


I hope I can have a chance to go out and see the world, different scenery or stronger enterprises. I hope not only do I have children prattle about my knees, but also I can live on my own and see different landscape, meet more people. I want to enrich myself and be a interested and pushy person.


【Afterword】Qiuping Yu, a girl who has an unique charm, persists in her goals. Wish she could break new ground in procurement department by developing more innovative projects.


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