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Yang Pingping, Employee of the Month - Feb, 2018

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Yang Pingping

Work as Purchasing Agent in Purchase Department


Yang Pingping joined Fran in September last year from quanzhou. In the most beautiful years to meet, she says that kindness let people unknowingly will calm down and work hard.


This Feb. is the month of her wedding, from preparation to the last day before welding, never ask for a leave and during the wedding day, without any increase in unit work, other colleagues contact by mobile phone and home computer, daily purchasing work independently, and have not delay production, their working attitude is appreciated. She said: "I was afraid of his own wedding delay the work of purchasing, is also afraid of yourself on the back for a period of time will receive not broken, some can't handle things at home, is my manager with colleagues in the company to help me to handle the data again after sent to me, I was able to get the best employee of the month, want to thank my manager to my support and trust with your colleagues."


Say to meet a person that lets oneself heart at ease, which is the predestination that cannot get much, actually the job is the same. One place that lets oneself feels steady and solid, where people will be happy. This is Yang pingping's deep feeling of working in Fran. Done before she had logistics, warehouse member, etc., but always feel oneself is a migrant workers, Yang Pingping after induction, after less than half a month of training, can fully take over specific procurement work, and yet delays a material delivery, ensure the production continuity, is well received by the other divisions of the company. She said: "Joined Fran, this should be an opportunity of my life. The whole working process is complete. Good welfare and environment, even if meet problems, colleagues will come forward to help, I learn a lot in Fran, grow a lot. This is not only a job as a buyer, I own a business."


She said that since she came to Fran, her sense of responsibility has increased, the company's humanistic care has made her see the company as home, and more importantly, the welfare mechanism has made her meet a better herself. As long as you work hard, you can be a lovely person, no compromise, no dependence.


[Afterwords] She is a girl after 90’s.  She showed spirits of 90s, self-improvement. Hope every employee in Fran could show their wonderful charming and realize their dreams.


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