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Shao Yuanchao, Employee of the Month - May., 2018

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Shao yuanchao

Shao Yuanchao

Worked in Injection Molding Workshop


Intelligence, kindness, high appearance level, a good husband, he is Shao Yuanchao.


Mr. Shao is a handsome and talented man. This is not the first time he has been the best employee of month. The outstanding people are always so striking.


Two years in Fran, although not long, but he is also a popular "star" in the company. His charm is not only his appearrance, but also his attitude towards the work. He has the ability to self-improvement, being a talented, responsible man.


Speaking of Fran, Shao Yuanchao has identified himself as a member of this family. He also has a sincere gratitude for Fran. He said that Fran concerns much about talents. He felt his own growth in Fran. He loved and had confidence in the work of injection molding technicians. He said that he appreciated much to this leader. Chatting with him is a very comfortable feeling. It is logical, word-by-word and heart-warming. From the conversation, I could feel his love to work. The good looks are the same, the interesting soul is unique.



Shao Yuanchao can continue to sum up experience, keep thinking, find out the direction of improvement of the process, and give us surprises again and again. And at the same time he is a good man who has a family concept that promotes healthy life. I sincerely hope that his platform in Fran will be better and better.


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