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Shao Yuanchao, Employee of the Month - Jul., 2017

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Shao Yuanchao

Worked as Injection Processing Engineering


When we talked about persons from Shandong Province, we always think they are huge muscular, strong and lusty. But Mr. Shao is quite different, white face, shinning clear and pure eyes, slender body, simplicity and elegance in harmony gentle.
He met his wife in Singapore and because his parents are in Fuzhou, in order to reunite with his family, so that his parents enjoy their old age, he returned home with his wife. In July 2016, under the invitation by Fran, he joined us.
Only nearly one year in Fran, he proposed eight improvement proposals and participated in five GS projects. He said, “We have a good working environment and wages, advanced and innovative in management such as improvement proposals, GS projects awards to inspire the staff. “ From his conversation, we could see his appreciation. Approvals and supports from employees are the biggest driving force behind Fran continuous progress.
Mr. Shao thinks the most important job is finish work assigned on schedule. He is mainly responsible for the trial mold and making adjustment in processing and proposing effective suggestions for improvement. He has an excellent completion of most new products, with his efforts to adjust viable processing condition. He said, “I was surprised to be awarded best employees. All I did was something that I should do. I appreciate the recognizing by our leaders. In future, Iwill work harder for Fran.”
Speaking of life, he said, “Most importantly, I think it is necessary to understand how grateful, thankful and supportive of my family members are and to those of you who helped me. I appreciate much for the supports from our department manager and other Fran’s colleagues. For the future, my goal is to work harder and then buy a house in Fuzhou. Also I want to travel with my family because life is not only job. I firmly believe that my dream could be fulfilled in Fran. ”
Shao Yuanchao, a handsome guy, serious in working, family oriented and filial piety. As his supervisor commented, “Since working in Fran, he is responsible and never sloppy in our work.” Here we sincerely wish this practical and capable young man can perform his talents in Fran.


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