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Qian Chao, Employee of the Month - Oct., 2017

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Qian Chao

Worked as operater in Production Department

Interview Record:

Before the interview, editor wanted to know more about Qianchao from his leader, Xu Jiuzhou. As Mr. Xu said, “Qianchao works hard, loves to learn, quite excellent in his job.”When editor and Qianchao just met, he seemed senses of restraint. After a few chat, he gradually relaxed. 


Editor: What kind of jobs have you done before you joined Fran?

Mr.Qian: After graduated in 2012, I worked as soldering operater in Mawei district in Fuzhou. Later, I returned to my hometown, worked as professional numerical control. But long-term to do a job easy to make people felt tired. So I was back to Fuzhou and joined Fran in March, 2016.


Editor: You have been more than a year in Fran, did you have anytime that you want to give up?

Mr. Qian: Not yet. I have carefully considered the prospect of this job. Optics could be used in various fields, such as medicine, civil affairs, energy and science. I believe Fran would have a better future. In Fran, I could operate the most advanced equipments and keep learning and praticing in programming during producing new products. For me , it is another university in my life. 


Editor: So, do you like this kind of work life in Fran?

Mr. Qian: Of course! My colleagues treat me as brother. Both stable work environment and excellent welfare are satisfied. Fran gives us a wide spce for learning. I like thinking when I meet problems. In October, there are more new staff joined Fran. I am proud to do training for them. I am glad tha these new staff could operate the machines safely and efficiently now. I really like working in Fran.


Editor: What is your motto?

Mr. Qian: My motto is “Woker harder, be more fortunate”. As we grow older, I find this sentence is the wisdome of reason. Do not look for an excuse for failure, only to find ways to success. If you do not work hard, then why do you want to be young?


Editor: You relationship between you and Xu Jiuzhou, Liao Yanbin seems to be very good?

Mr. Qian: Actually they are my masters, but they treat me as brother. For more than one year joined Fran, I really appreciate their unconditional support.


Editor: What do you think has grown in Fran?

Mr. Qian: I am busier than before. In Fran more than a year, I learn the trust between people and understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation. I become more careful, more patient to complete the task independently. As long as you work hard, true talents still manage to stand out.


Editor: What is your dream?

Mr. Qian: Small dream is to find a wife married. And big dream is to earn enough money to travel around the world. And actually, in Fran we have many opportunities to travel. That is really great.


Afterwords: Just like Qian Chao said, “The harder we are, more fortunate we are.”In Fran, no matter what the content of work, show their own new capabilities, which will be recognized by the company.


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