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Ni Zhenzhen, Employee of the Month - Dec, 2017

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Ni Zhenzhen

Work as Sales Representative in Marketing Dept.

Keywords: Optimistic, Affinity, Eclectic

Inscriptions: when quietly bloom the light, even in the ordinary, but also from the inside out from the blooming beauty. – This is the calm spirit!


The first impression that she gives me is like this, the unhurried, calm and talent. She was tall and amiable. Her charm goes beyond that. What impressed me was her modesty.


Before the interview officially began, she said modestly that being chosen as the monthly star is the trust of leaders and colleagues. I think it's not just trust, but also recognition. As a member of the Marketing Department, we should not only shape the brand of Fran to the outside world, but also explore the market, develop new customers and establish good customer relations. These seemingly simple words actually carry a lot of responsibility and pressure.


"How do you feel about you won the best employee of December?"

Thank you very much for your trust in me. In December, my department opened up new markets, but I didn't do it alone. There are leaders and colleagues in this work, which is the result of our joint efforts. This is my performance breakthrough month!


"What unforgettable experiences have you had during your six years in the company?"

April 1, 2018 is my birthday, which is the most unforgettable birthday I have ever had in the company. A lot of people should be like me, the more I grow up, the less I like birthday, I have not had birthday for many years! This year's birthday coincides with the adjustment of the company's welfare policy. The employee himself chooses the birthday wish on the birthday card. My birthday wish was "enjoy VIP reception"! Sure enough, on the birthday, all the staff of our department lined up at the door to welcome them. Our colleague projects a birthday image for me on the wall of the building. The leader also bought me a cake specially. The Marketing Department is a very harmonious, united, very awesome department. I am honored to be part of the team!



Shakespeare once said, "Pyramid is built of blocks of stone", without the accumulated effort, how can it be fruitful? Here for everyone on the list, for every hard working employee in Fran.


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