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Luo Shaomei, Employee of the Month - May, 2017

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Luo Shaomei

Worked as Inspection Personnel in QC Department


Interview Record

Every young man has an initial dream in the most struggling age to create their own value. Born in the year of flowers March, the standard Pisces female, innocent, gentle temperament, considerate, this is Luo Shaomei. She believes one is willing to work, also under the leadership of benefactor, who will eventually succeed


For two consecutive years to get the star of the month, she is most grateful of her colleagues who always support her. She appreciates their recognition to her, especially her manager Mr.Xu. Every time when she met the difficulties, Mr. Xu will always help her find a solution.


Every day after the completion of routine jobs, she will sum up the test results for the product to improve the detection methods. In May, she proposed one proposal to improve the optical bubble in first time test, which shorten much time for adjustment during injection molding. This proposal was rated as Level Three proposals. At the same time, she traced the optical image quality degradation conditions and found the problems and solutions to avoid more loss for company. She also attended image quality test for many projects with our Project Department. She is optimism and passionate in the face of work.


She felt the biggest feature of Fran is caring and grateful. Also Fran has a wide development platform and good welfare. She said, "Fran is a warm family. We help each other from leadership to colleagues. One time, one dome test equipment tooling has problems. The manager of processing department, Mr. Zhang came and repaired it. After several times failure, he did not give up, be very patient to tell me do not worry. He repaired the machine finally which help ensure the timeliness of product testing.”From this so ordinary and simple thing, she saw the leaders in Fran not only have the ability to have experience, and more importantly, but also they are willing to help others.


"I would like to say to Fran: the future of the road is still very long, if you are here, I will not abandon. You lead me and I am with you.



Everyone needs work hard in their young age. Hope everyone in Fran are brave to face difficulties and be fearless. Fran is always with you.


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