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Liu Peiqun, Employee of the Month - Aug., 2018

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Liu Peiqun

Quality Control Department

Personal declaration: intention is a work attitude

With the continuous development of Fran, many departments have emerged many employees with outstanding performance. Why are they achieving good results? What are their secret weapons?

In this issue, we interviewed Liu Peiqun, an employee who has been relatively stable and outstanding in performance, to listen to her story.

Q: Can you briefly introduce your daily work?

QUN: I am mainly responsible for collecting the inspection data, making analysis and testing standards for new product.


Q: What problems have you faced during work, how to solve it?

QUN: New products that I am currently responsible for are in the new stage of development and need to be explored and accumulated many times. This is a project that challenges people's endurance, as well as the ability to respond. I also thank Fran's colleagues for discussing and controlling the quality, and the problem will be solved.


Q: If the inspectors want to develop as a quality engineer, what skills or qualities do they need to develop?

QUN: I think we must have the determination to face and challenge new problems, and we need clear thinking and conditioning. Be good at summing up and accumulating, avoiding follow-up work and less detours, will make subsequent mass production smoother and become a qualified quality engineer.


Q: In future, what are your expectations for yourself or the company?

QUN: I believe that the company's business philosophy and strategic direction are correct. I hope to follow the footsteps of the company, continue to develop, and grow. I hope that the company, like Pan’s wish, will become 3M in the optical industry! This also requires the joint efforts of all of us, I believe in myself, believe in Fran!


Employees are the blood of a company. A good corporate culture will make employees feel a strong sense of belonging and generate strong cohesiveness. Thanks for the enthusiasm and hard work of the group. The development of the company is your future, and you are also the future of the company!


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