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Li Jiaqing, Employee of the Month - Mar., 2018

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li jiaqing

Li Jiaqing

Worked as Design Engineer in Molding Department

He loves work, devotion, commitment, hard working for more than 3 years in Fran, he is Li Jiaqing.



Editor: First of all, congratulations on being best employee in March. Can you talk about your feelings?

Mr. Li: I am a bit surprised to be able to get this honor, because I am doing very ordinary work every day, and I don't have any outstanding contributions. I can get the approval of the leaders and colleagues. At work, I got a lot of support and encouragement from colleagues. Because of them, I can get the honor of today, I really feel appreciated.


Editor: As a mold designer, how do you work?

Mr. Li: Mold design is a very important part of the technical department. It needs constant innovation and development. Sometimes we need visit different companies to learn technical methods.


Editor: What is your deepest feeling when you are in Fran for three years?

Mr. Li: The change of the team is what I feel most about. Over the past three years, I have watched our team grow stronger and stronger, working with leaders and colleagues to overcome technical difficulties. To this day, Fran has become more and more influential in the industry. I am honored to witness the whole process.


Editor: What are the next personal plans and goals?

Mr. Li: Yes. This year is the 10th year in my career life. Technical title application will be this year's key point. On the other hand, I would do the further study of academic degree and the expansion of technical knowledge.



Have goals and aims, pragmatic, not melodramatic, this is the impression he gave us after the interview.


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