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Li Donghai, Employee of the Month - Oct., 2017

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Li Donghai

Worked as Shift Leader in Production Department 


Interview Record:


Born in December, Li Donghai has the characteristics of Capricom, hard working, excellent work ability, clear-minded, well-planned and not be easily affected by others. Joined Fran in 2014, this is the second time to win “Star of the Month”for him.


Editor: Before the interview, congratulations on your monthly star of October.

Li Donghai: Actually I was surprised. Appreciate much the leaders for their affirmation of my work.


Editor: You joined Fran for almost three and a half years what do you feel about your work?

Li: For me, a full life is working on time everyday. Unless there are urgent matters at home, generally I would not ask for a leave. A busy day will let me feel confident. Challenging work gives me a sense of existence. I am just doing a favorite thing.


Editor: Do you feel any difference between this year and last year in Fran?

Li: Yes. For production, more and more field products are involved, so the requirements of the production staff are also getting higher and higher, especially in product quality. Fran’s business philosophy is that to improve product inspection standards, to give full consideration to the feasibility of the management system, and to improve welfare system.


Editor: As an old employee, to so many new colleagues after 90s, what do you want to say to them?

Li: Carefully, patiently and seriously, the most important thing is to be responsible for themselves and the trust of the leaders. They need clearly understand their own ability to study hard and plan their own future. We believe Fran will be a good platform for us.


Editor: What is the next goal?

Li: The next goal is to continue to get the monthly star, lol. Although I have been awarded the monthly star for two years, I would like to learn some management knowledge to make myself more substantial. I need work hard to being a manager in future.



Everything is hard at first. Efforts are always accompanied by honor. Star the month is only the first step. You need prove your achievements for future glory.



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