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Li Donghai, Employee of the Month - Jun., 2018

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Behind every finished product is inseparable from the conscientious and careful efforts of the workshop staff. When we found Li in the workshop, he was so busy in his work.


The impression of Li is very modest, and he has been seriously responsible for the work. He is both a team leader and an engineer. In order to finish the job in time, he works overtime to improve current process problems.


Experience sharing

Talking about his work feelings, Li modestly said that his experience in craftsmanship was attributed to the wisdom of the team. He said, people are the first, and each team has a clear job responsibility, and everyone works together to show the most perfect results.


Department management - Communication is an art

SUN QUAN in the Three Kingdoms period once said that if you can use the power, you will be invincible in the world; if you can use the wisdom, you will not fear the saints.

In terms of team building and personnel management, Li also has a lot of feelings about it and want to share it with you. He believes that being the leader is a ruler himself, so first of all, he has to play a leading role in the demonstration and use his self-confidence and vitality to infect the team. For every movement of the team, we must pay attention to it, do our duty, treat people with sincerity, care about the growth and progress of each member of the team, and always pay attention to the results of the maintenance workshop.


Thanks Fran, being Grateful

To do things, first to be a man, this is the biggest feeling that Li and Fran have grown up together for several years. In Li's mind, Fran has many excellent corporate cultures, integrity, humanity, innovation and environmental protection. These four words are very simple, but it is worthwhile to use their life time to comprehend and practice.


Do not forget the initial heart, always have to, on this road, no matter how far we go, as long as the excellent corporate culture of Fran is in mind, we will not forget the original one and will not lose the way of the future. Being sincere, being honest and selfless is the cornerstone of our life growth and the steady development of the company.


Message to the future

Li said that he likes the words of Ouyang Xiu of the Northern Song Dynasty, that is, "the strong are not self-sufficient, or die and annihilated in the ignorance; if the weak can stand on their own, they will be named after generations."


In Li's view, life is a process of retreating against the water. His current work is a very professional position, and will encounter various problems. Recently, there are many new partners in the department. He hopes that the new employees can recognize Fran's corporate culture. By learning and hardworking, they will make full use of their personal abilities. He said: "We can never give up the courage and determination to fight. Maybe we are not strong enough today, but as long as we have the conviction of courage, perseverance, courage and self-reliance, we can certainly open the door to success. ."


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