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Jiang Mingjian, Employee of the Month, Feb., 2017

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Jiang Mingjian


Worked as Machine Repair Engineer of RD Center


Interview Record:


How time flies! It seemed like we inteviewed monthly star of March, 2016 yesterday. This was the second time Jiang Mingjian was awarded as monthly star. I did not feel constrained like before. Arried at the small warehouse of equipment department, I saw him squatted in front of the cabinet, carefully selected tools. After heard my voice, he turned and exposed his typical smile.


“This is my second time interview with you, for me you are already a legend, and what is your feeling about being awarded monthly star for second time?”


His language was so simple like his behave, “Quite unexpcted, I think I just have done my duty. I appreciated the recoginition of my manager and other colleagues. ”


“Will your family mind that you have so much overtime work?”

“Honestly, like my position, it is very hard not work overtime. Because the construction of micro-nano workshop is difficult, the construction team need extend time in holidays. As supervisor, I choose to stay with the construction team, which could save time and company resources. Due to the China New Year holidays are quite long, microbial breeding of the pool is particularly powerful. I would clean up in advance, and then it could ensure the normal of production after holidays end. I am a local man from Fuzhou. So it is convenient. My wife always knows my character that I would pay most efforts to do job well. She always supports me. I guess she was also attracted by my attitude, lol. ”


“I am a languorous person in life, completely different in work. I am reading, watching TV and seeing movie at home. I would help do cleaning. I quite enjoy the relaxation at home. By parents growing old, I am trying to earn more money and spent much more time on accompanying with parents. By child growing up, I also want to accompany them healthy. As I joined Fran, there is more and more staff. In a year or two, I believe Fran would be more powerful and more staff. Then I think I would take some time to travel with my family to see the real world.”


“Usually the culture of company is the culture of the boss. Mr. Pan’s management and his behave is admired by us. I believe that as long as every staff does jobs as his own business, Fran would become better and stronger. I also believe that there is a blue sky that belongs to me. I would work harder to return trusts and supports from Fran.”



Jiang Mingjian, like his slogon, “Attitudes determin height.”, his serious, pratical, careful attitude shows his own charm.



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