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Huang Qing, Employee of the Month - Sep., 2017

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Huang Qing

Worked as Technology Processing Assistant in R&D Department

Interview Records:


Editor: How did you join Fran? Can you talk about your past work experience?

Mr. Huang: Fate makes me join Fran. I worked in Qingkou District after graduated. I would like to change my working environment in 2015 and just Fran HR call me for invitation. After interviewed, I found the environment, development planning and salary benefits are quite good, and so I choose to join Fran.


Editor: Do you feel the same after joining Fran as you did when you chose Fran?

Mr. Huang: I have benifited a lot in Fran in these two years. I have learned much. Say that the choice is more important than efforts. In so many companies, why I chose Fran? After all, because of the difference between platforms, I am glad my choice was correct.


“Fran excellent working environment, advanced operating equipment, diversified welfare and rich corporate culture attract innovative talent people. Technology Department has a very good working environment, but also has a lot of leaders. Be modest and always learn from others. In such an environment, we must continue to charge ourself to improve own value. Till now, I have submitted a number of papers, and also participated in the development of a number of patents and document preparation, which made my personal development a big step forward. “


When people are right, the world is right. Huang Qing said he thinks that Fran is like a big family. Every management center, every department and every member of the family are all closely connected. With a group of hard working, strong dreaming targets together, then the strength of this team wil super incredible. Human capacity is limited, potential is unlimited, and a group of like-minded people together, he believes his ability will be beyond imagination.


In addition, Huang Qing told editor, the ultimate secret of his ability to get a monthly star is to learn practical, conscientious and do everything. Although the time may need longer, but following your heart, you would get what you pay for.



In this as in everything you get what you pay for. If you are not satisfied with yourself, please work harder. We wish every colleague in Fran become a star of tomorrow.


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