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Chen Yi, Employee of the Month - Mar., 2017

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Chen Yi

Worked as Coating Operator of Production Department


Interview Record:

As “The Book of Rites”said, “Someone strong enough could hold everything.”

Chen Yi, a handsome guy born in 1989, with shy smile, simple dress and neat hair, he shows a pratical and resolute feeling.


Talking about being awarded monthly star in March, this handsome guy said, “Honestly, I am quite surprised to win monthly star. I never dare to think about it. I am just trying to do my job well.”


Order demand for coating line in March is very big. Personnel configuration is not finished completely and coating operator leader need work in day shift for production process adjustment and making new samples. So Chen Yi has decisively to undertake the work of night shift for over two weeks. For this matter, this resolute guy said, “I think in Fran, whoever would stand out in need. For personnel in production department, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of products! Ensure the order is completed on time!”


Speaking of work, Chen Yi revealed a faint smile, “New to the job, It will be more tired because not familiar. But after a short time, I think it is not a big deal. Skill comes from pratice. In this job, I could learn a lot of things, such as the structure, equipment maintenance and exception handling. During equipment maintenance, I like to observe from the sidelines so that I could solve some small problems by myself. Now I am also responsible for trainning the new staff.  A little tired in the beginning, but after they are skilled on jobs, I will be able to ease off. ”


“What are your plans for your future?”


“Honestly, I just want to make more money. Like my classmates, some of them have children. I think I would marry later. Earn more money would give my family a more stable future. My personality is introverted, not good at expressing. Parents are busy in work. I would do emotion adjustment by myself when sometimes feel upset. After work, I usually play basketballs, surf the internet which gives us much more convenience and fun.”


Talking about the company, “Fran give us a good welfare, such as festival bonus, semi-annual and annual awards, annual tourism and monthly star, etc. In addition, I think the working environment is quite good in Fran, very clean. And colleagues are also very enthusiastic and have a very good atmosphere. So I really hope I could creat my career in Fran.”



The length of life lies not in quantity, but in quality. Chen Yi, as his name, with a hard and strong heart, as his leader said, “Although young, but not careless, he is skilled in coating processing.”We sincerely wish employees like Chen Yi to work seriously, hard working to have his bright future in Fran.


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